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About the charity

Traidcraft's international development charity, Traidcraft Exchange, builds on the experience of our trading company to make trade work for the poor.

Training session in Vietnam

Since 1986, we have improved the lives of millions of families in Africa and Asia. Alongside support in building sustainable and diversified businesses with better linkages to markets, we help small farmers adapt to climate change and contribute to food security through improved productivity and serving local markets.

We also campaign for more ethical business practices and to change unfair trade regulations that make it harder for the poorest to thrive.

Three interlinked areas of work

At Traidcraft Exchange we take a three-pronged approach to making trade work for the poor:

Three interlocking circles: trade, support, influence

  • Trade
    We identify the problems that prevent the poor benefiting from trade, and work to overcome these. This might involve helping producers and buyers to find and work with one another, or enabling producers to understand the demands of different markets and what they need to do to access them.

  • Support
    We identify the services that small businesses need to enable them to trade effectively, and build the capacity of local service providers to provide these services on an affordable basis.

  • Influence
    We undertake lobbying and advocacy activities to campaign for trade policies that help rather than hurt the poor. And we help poor producers to understand the rules that restrict how they trade and encourage them to speak up for their rights.

We are committed to working in collaboration with other organisations, both in the countries in which we work and internationally, who share our vision of a world freed from the scandal of poverty, where trade is just and people and communities can flourish.

Our expertise

We are the only international development charity in the UK focusing exclusively on trade and are seen as pioneers in this field. We have over 20 years’ experience of managing and implementing large trade-focused projects across Africa and Asia, and are also widely known and respected for our trade-related policy and advocacy work in the UK and Europe.

Our development work pulls together three teams of experts:

  • Our International Development Department coordinates our overseas programmes and is staffed by development experts with a strong track record of project management.

  • Our Traidcraft Consult team provides trade-related training and consultancy services, staffed by experts with extensive experience in business development and marketing.

  • Our London-based Policy Unit is staffed by trade policy experts who have made great strides in recent years in raising awareness of how global trade policies affect the poor and lobbying for change on their behalf.

How the charity is funded

Traidcraft Exchange is not funded by Traidcraft's trading activities. The trading company profits are generated primarily to allow us to grow the benefits to our producers. This limits the amount available for donations. Even if the trading company's profits were passed on, this would fund only part of the charity's expenditure.

Support our work - make a donation

The charity relies upon funding from the donations of thousands of individuals, combined with major grants from trusts and governmental organisations to support our overseas development work.

Make a donation and help to ensure that Traidcraft Exchange’s vital work in the developing world continues.