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Brexit Trade Campaign

Why Brexit?

Millions of people from the poorest countries rely on trade with the UK – and we rely on them.

The next few years could be make or break for them. They could face around £1 billion in extra taxes - and unfair competition if the UK signs free trade agreements with wealthy countries.

But with the right policies in place, Brexit could be the moment when the UK starts trading in ways that really benefits people from the poorest countries.

That’s why Traidcraft is raising its voice and asking the government for a Brexit that works for everyone.  

What we are campaigning for

Traidcraft is calling on the government to put in place measures to safeguard people who trade with us from the poorest countries.

These could include duty-free access for products from the poorest countries, and trade rules that make it easier for producers in poor countries to export more valuable products – enabling them to trade their way out of poverty.

We're working together with Fairtrade Foundation and other organisations. Together, we've mobilised supporters from around the countries who have contacted their MPs, organised events, met their MPs, and signed our petition.

Please join the campaign and ask for a Brexit that works for everyone!

Get involved in the Brexit trade campaign

However much time you've got there is something you can do to support a Brexit for everyone!

Together we can send a strong message to the government that Brexit should work for people who trade with us from the world's poorest countries.

We need to make sure that the government understands the issue and puts in place measures to ensure a fair deal.  

There are many ways you can get involved in the campaign. You can watch and share our video with your friends, send an email to your MP, or invite him or her to a meeting.

Watch our video on the right and find all other actions on our Take Action page

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Taking a closer look at Brexit and international development

How could Brexit affect people who trade with us from poorer countries? What could our government do to make sure they don't lose out? And how could Brexit be the beginning of a golden standard in development-friendly trade?

This and much more is explained in the report 'Brexit: Let's Change Trade for Good', by Traidcraft and the Fairtrade Foundation. It includes core facts about Brexit and trade, case studies from our producers, and our recommendations to the government.

Many of the highlights can also be found in our campaign blogs, including our F&Q about the Brexit trade campaign.