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Can I order through Traidcraft's web shop?

Yes , but not until your account is set up. Your first order must be submitted at the same time as your application form, through this website rather than through the web shop, but once we have set up a retail account for you, we will send instructions for shopping through the webshop. Click here to open an account and place your first order online.

We recommend that you order via the webstore for several reasons.

Webstore orders are processed automatically, which benefits both you and us, especially at busy times of the year.

  • We are able to offer more products on the webstore than is possible in the catalogue. The webstore is less limited in terms of space, and can be updated with new information, products and offers quickly.
  • Your webstore account offers you the opportunity to track your orders, review previous orders, set up a list of favourite products that you can access every time you log-in, update delivery and billing addresses, and more.

Click here to browse the web shop