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Find your local Traidcraft stockist

This search gives a map showing your local Traidcraft stockists.

This page allows you to search for your local Traidcraft stockist. This is a network of retailers and individual Traidcraft supporters around the country who stock Traidcraft foods, crafts or both.
See below the map for descriptions of the stockists.

To show stockists in your locality type your postcode in the box below and click 'Find'. You can zoom in or out or navigate around the map using the buttons on the top left of the map.

If you are looking for a full postcode on the map (e.g. your own stockist listing) please enter only the first part so that the red 'entered location' marker does not obscure any stockist icons.

Choose what to show on the map


Individual stockist icon
Shop icon

There are two types of stockist:

1. Small, independent retailers - shown in green
These operate like any other shop, with premises and opening hours. Ring in advance if you want something in particular or just pop in and browse. These shops are the face of fair trade on the high street. Please give them your support.

2. Individual 'Fair Traders' - shown in yellow
These are individuals that sell and promote Fairtrade and Traidcraft in their local area. They're not paid or on commission and they're featured on here because they've opted to dedicate hours of their lives to fighting poverty through promoting Fairtrade - so be nice to them and thank you for helping us all to make a difference.

Why use a local stockist rather than order direct from Traidcraft?

- Some Traidcraft food items are sold in bulk. A local stockist may be able to offer you smaller quantities than you could buy direct.
- Some local stockists offer a sale or return facility - perfect for events.
- You will save on postage and packaging charges.

Are you a listed stockist? Click here to update your details or remove yourself from the map.