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People behind the products

Buying fair trade products makes a real difference to people's lives, helping to build a better future for them, their families and their communities.

At Traidcraft, we work to build lasting relationships with small-scale producers in developing countries.

Our long-term commitment to fair trade enables our producers to plan for the future and secure sustainable livelihoods, provide schooling and healthcare, and fund community projects like clean water.

Find out how fair trade benefits our producers

GPI making garlands
I can educate my children – Radha’s story
Radha Lama has never been to school, so she is proud that for more than 18 years she has been working at Get Paper Industries in Nepal, which makes handmade paper products for Traidcraft.
Jayaraman and Jaya’s story
Husband and wife Jayaraman and Jaya not only work at the pottery but their five-year-old daughter, Jayasri, attends the pottery’s school next door.
Sirci and Luciana
Sirci and Alberto's story
Sirci Marquez and her husband, Alberto, have made a successful life for themselves through their ceramics workshop just outside Lima, but they have never forgotten the life and the people that they left behind.
Jagwati's story
Checking Traidcraft orders at Tara Projects in Delhi not only provides Jagwati with a fair wage, but with pleasant working conditions.
Vy and Duyen's story
Producing products like the cat tape measures sold by Traidcraft provides valuable employment, with five people involved in creating each one.
Satbir's story
A good price, technical guidance and interest-free loans are just some of the benefits that cotton farmer Satbir Singh enjoys through working with Agrocel.
Narmaben's story
Narmaben Manji, who works as a cotton farmer in India, hopes that selling organic cotton to Agrocel – one of Traidcraft’s suppliers - will help to provide her grandsons with a better future.
Grapes and wine
Pili's story
At Traidcraft we don't just sell fair trade products, we pioneer new ones. With our support, farmers in Eksteenskuil, South Africa, became the world's first supplier of Fairtrade raisins - and now we've helped MiFruta in Chile to become the second.
Berta's story
Berta Ramirez farms with her husband, Audilio, on land which she inherited from her father 25 years ago. It is a long, narrow farm totalling 5.5 hectares, of which 1.3 hectares grow grapes.
Hilton with his school bag
Michael's story
Farm worker Michael Silwer harvests the South African grapes that become Fairtrade, sun-dried raisins used in Traidcraft Christmas cakes and in our Geobar range.
Guido's story
Beekeepers Sonia Chicao and her husband, Guido Guenupan, didn’t allow the fact that neither of them drive to deter them from buying a truck with a loan from Apicoop. Instead, they paid for their 20-year-old son, Guido jnr, to learn to drive – providing him with work in an area where jobs for young people are scarce.
Dalbir's story
Rice farmer Dalbir Singh appreciates the good price and other benefits he receives when he sells his harvest to Agrocel. It’s in sharp contrast to his experience with other buyers.
Joyce's story
Joyce Chibouro and her family will have access to electricity for the first time this summer – thanks to the Fairtrade premium on sales of sugar.
Ladies carrying water
Doricca and Mary's story
Fetching water is quicker and safer for Doricca and Mary now that they have a borehole in their village, paid for with the Fairtrade premium on locally grown sugar.
Thankachan's story
Coffee farmer Thankachan Kaduvanal's first name means "as dear as gold", and it's a term that would fit well with his enthusiasm for the rich soil on his farm since he changed to organic farming and selling to Fair Trade Alliance Kerala.
Siji's story
For Siji Jose, selling her tea on Fairtrade terms through the Sahyadri Farmers Consortium helps her to get a good price for the tea, which means she can send her children to school and put food on the family table.
V Chellai
V Chellai's story
No wonder Indian tea farmer V Chellai and his wife, Kurzhamma are smiling. They not only enjoy growing tea on their small farm in Kerala, they are now getting a good price because they are members of Sahyadri Farmers Consortium – one of Traidcraft’s newest Fairtrade tea supplier.
Adriano's story
For tea plucker Adriano Kalili, the fair wage he receives means he has been able to build a three-bedroom house for his wife, Alizeta, and their three children – and the Fairtrade premium has helped to provide the roof.