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Doricca and Mary's story

Fetching water is quicker and safer for Doricca and Mary now that they have a borehole in their village, paid for with the Fairtrade premium on locally grown sugar.

Doricca, Mary and Doricca carrying water

They live in the village of Chinangwa, close to Kasinthula Cane Growers Ltd in Malawi, which supplies Traidcraft with sugar.

The Fairtrade premium has provided boreholes for two villages – helping hundreds of local people to have access to clean, safe water.

"Before we had to fetch the water from Kasinthula," said Doricca. "If we went at around 5am we used to come back at about 8am. We are so proud because we have good water close to us."

Mary added: "We would like to see more boreholes in the surrounding villages because then the whole community can have safe water."

Now Mary, Doricca and the rest of the 350-strong community in Chinangwa are looking forward to more benefits provided by the Fairtrade premium on the sugar. Plans are already underway to provide an electricity supply to the village.

Kasinthula Cane Growers Ltd (KCG) (Malawi)

Kasinthula is an association of farmers in the very disadvantaged southern region of Malawi, prone to both drought and flooding at different times of the year.

Its sugar became Fairtrade certified in 2003 and they have since received significant fair trade orders. The sugar is processed and marketed through Illovo sugar.

The Fairtrade premium is enabling farmers to install boreholes in their villages, which have relied, until recently, on contaminated water supplies from the crocodile-infested Shire River. It has also enabled farmers to adequately prepare for the recent food shortages and continue to feed their families.

Buying Fairtrade sugar

By buying our fair trade granulated sugar you will help Kasinthula to continue to improve their local community.