Stand up forJUSTICE

Thank you!

This year, Traidcraft has been shouting loud and clear that justice matters.

It's why Traidcraft campaigns for all business to be fair. And it's why we're calling for British businesses to be prosecuted if they abuse or harm people abroad.

This summer we collected more than 20,000 signatures on our Justice Matters petition. We've sent a clear message to the British government that we've had enough of British businesses abusing and exploiting people in developing countries, and getting away with it.

People who work for or even just live near the operations of some irresponsible British companies are suffering.

  • Livelihoods are destroyed by toxic pollution.
  • People are forced out of their homes to make way for new mines or plantations.
  • And if anyone questions what is going on, they may find themselves threatened with violence.

We wouldn’t find this acceptable – so why should they?

At the moment there is a gap in British law which means that it's almost impossible to prosecute big companies for causing serious harm abroad.

There have been 303 allegations of serious abuse by 127 British companies over the last ten years - but not one prosecution. That needs to change.

Traidcraft thinks justice matters in business.

Thanks to everyone who signed the petition. You can go on supptoring the campaign by sending a message direct  to the Prime Minister now.

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