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Trade has the potential to bring millions of people out of poverty. But often the reality is very different: people work in dreadful conditions, local environment is degraded, and farmers are paid so little that they can’t even afford to send their children to school.

That’s why Traidcraft campaigns to make trade work for people in the world's poorest countries. We draw on our experience as an ethical fair trade business and partnerships with campaigners and businesses across the world, to highlight important issues and campaign for change.

Join us and the thousands of campaigners already on board and find out what you can do to make a difference.

Brexit trade campaign

Britain's exit from the European Union is likely to cause big changes in international trade - and for millions of people who trade with us from poor countries, it could be make or break.

They could find themselves squeezed even harder by powerful international competition. Or it could be the moment when the UK starts trading in a way that really benefits them.

That's why Traidcraft, the Fairtrade Foundation and others are calling on the government to make sure Brexit works for people who trade with us from the poorest countries.

Thousands of people have taken action and the government has now listened. In June it announced that products from the 48 poorest countries will enter the UK duty-free after Brexit. It's an important first step - but there is more the government can do.

Find out more and join the campaign.

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Sainsbury’s: don’t ditch Fairtrade

Sainsbury’s has decided to take the Fairtrade Mark off its own-brand tea and pilot its own ‘Fairly Traded’ label.

It’s a move in the wrong direction. It will take away power from farmers and undermine the principles of fair trade.

But we can do something about this. Sainsbury's will only go ahead with their plan if their valued customers are happy with it. So, let's prove them wrong!

So, Traidcraft Exchange has joined other organisations and called for a Day of Action on Saturday the 28th October.

Please join us: get your community to sign a letter, take a photo outside your local shop, or take an online action. All info and material can be found on the Don't Ditch Fairtrade website.

Thank you!