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FairPalm – the fair trade, sustainable palm oil

Palm oil is everywhere – it’s a hidden ingredient in around half of the products on sale in the supermarket. Most palm oil comes from large plantations that are grown at the expense of natural rainforest and are hugely damaging to the environment. But FairPalm is different. 

FairPalm logoIt’s grown by smallholder farmers in West Africa – where oil palm plants grow naturally alongside other crops. Food security and biodiversity are kept high priority so the environment stays protected. You can be sure that FairPalm is sustainably grown.

Farmers also get a fair trade price for their produce – justly rewarded for all their hard work.

So FairPalm is great for the planet and great for the people grow it. It’s a palm oil revolution. And that’s why we want to use it in as many of our products as possible.

Currently, you’ll find FairPalm in the following Traidcraft products: