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A poor man's field may produce an abundant harvest but injustice sweeps it away.

Proverbs 13:23

Traidcraft is a Christian-based organisation and what we believe is at the heart of our desire to see justice for poor people. In the 19th century, the church played a central role in bringing an end to the slave trade.

Our role in making fair trade the widespread and well-known phenomenon it is today has been no less significant. For many years it was the lone voices of Christians holding a Traidcraft stall in their church and asking for fair trade in their supermarkets who were the backbone of the growing Fairtrade movement.

Today, fair trade is a global movement, well-established in the mainstream and available in many shops and outlets, and for that we thank God.

It truly is transforming the lives of millions of poor people. But the job is not done! The church's role is as significant today as it ever was as dedicated fair trade organisations like Traidcraft fight to bring the benefits to those who need it the most and to expand fair trade into new areas.

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Advent reflections
Celebrate Advent this year with our downloadable Alternative Advent Calendar...
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Why your church's support matters more than ever
The wider availability of Fairtrade in the supermarkets has given some people the impression that somehow, the job is done and that Traidcraft doesn't need to bother any more. They're wrong!
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How you can get involved
Without the support of churches and the individuals within them Traidcraft would not have achieved what it has in the fight against poverty. Your support is as vital as ever. Together, we can make a difference.
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How we do what we do
Jesus' command to "go the extra mile" is an important part of our Christian commitment and lies at the heart of our approach to what we do and how we do it.
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Why we do what we do
Traidcraft was begun by a group of Christians seeking a practical way to express their faith. Here is a snapshot of some of the biblical themes we seek to live out through our work.
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