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We did it! Supermarkets watchdog given power to fine

What a victory! We’re celebrating the Government announcement this week that the supermarkets watchdog will have the power to fine, from day one.

6 December 2012

Supermarkets campaign success

This is a huge success for Traidcraft supporters, who have been campaigning determinedly for the watchdog to be established with the powers it needs to stop supermarkets from bullying their suppliers. Jo Swinson, the Minister charged with setting up the body, has been deluged with emails, postcards and letters over the last few months from campaigners calling for a supermarkets watchdog with strong powers.

And it worked! A statement by the Government acknowledged that ‘the power to fine… would give the Adjudicator more teeth’. Jo Swinson even sent a tweet saying ‘well done to all who campaigned for this’.

We couldn’t have done it without you. Here’s how you’ve helped to bring about a strong watchdog:

  • Over 12000 postcards, letters and emails were sent to Jo Swinson and MPs calling for a supermarkets watchdog with teeth.
  • Our very own watchdog visited Westminster to deliver a message that the watchdog must have strong powers to hold supermarkets to account.
  • In a House of Commons debate, MPs from all political parties called for the body to be given the power to fine, from day one.
  • Minister Jo Swinson praised Traidcraft supporters for ‘their tireless campaigning’ and even presented the toy ‘toothless’ watchdog, given to her by Traidcraft, at the House of Commons to demonstrate the pressure she was under from campaigners.

The perseverance by Traidcraft supporters throughout this campaign has been phenomenal, and the result is a huge victory in the fight to prevent farmers and workers in the UK and overseas from being squeezed by supermarkets. We’re celebrating this impressive campaigns success, and we hope you will too!

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