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Fair trade feast

If your idea of a good weekend is relaxing with friends with some good food and drink, rather than going for a 10 mile hike or run, this is the event for you.

How the event works

Our event pack contains everything you need to get a group of friends together for a fun evening of food to raise funds for Traidcraft Exchange.

Fair trade feast posterWe offer four choices of event:

  1. Pasta party
  2. Curry night
  3. Wine and cheese evening
  4. Tea party

What you get

  • Recipes for each type of event
  • A quiz
  • Wine tasting notes
  • Invitations
  • Stories about the people Traidcraft supports

How to get your pack

Extra resources

If you need posters, more invitations or another donation form, use the links below:

We also have games available:

How to run your event

Order your pack and then simply invite your friends round and ask them to bring a donation for Traidcraft Exchange.

You can also set up a justgiving page to collect donations online. Visit the online fundraising page for more information on JustGiving or go to JustGiving to set up your page.

Please send your donations to Traidcraft Exchange, together with the donation form included in the pack as soon as possible after holding your event.

How your support helps

Henry MugaoIn Tanzania, our Bee Fair project is helping people like Henry.

We are working with local partners to improve beekeepers’ livelihoods through developing links to markets, improving the efficiency of production and quality of the honey, and organising the beekeepers to help them trade more effectively.