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More than a billion people fight a daily battle to survive on less than $1 a day. We need your support to help change this.

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Durgamme Appeal for Justice

This spring please help us take a stand and fight for justice to end poverty.

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By buying goods through the links below, Traidcraft Exchange will receive up to 10% of the value of your items, up to the value of £7 per product.

Shop with Give as you Live, Shop with AmazonShop online with Amazon or shop with Marks and Spencer

Alternative gifts

Elisabeth with sonGifts for Life are great gifts that transform the lives of people living in poverty. See our alternative gift selection.


Jewellery.jpgRecycle jewellery, antiques, cars, foreign currency, printer cartridges, mobile phones and much more to raise vital funds whilst reducing the strain on precious natural resources. Find out more.

Tom Lengotiek

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