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Christmas Appeal

This Christmas, please give a child like Akash the most precious gift of all - a proper childhood and a chance of an education.

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This is Akash, he is just seven years old, but sadly he has known very little of the carefree childhood that many children in this country enjoy.

Since he was four or five, he has worked in his parents’ tiny, cramped home in Ferozabad, heating plastic bangles over a Bunsen burner and joining the ends together.

This work is laborious and repetitive and exposes Akash to dangerous fumes. This is his family’s livelihood, yet all working together – mother, father, Akash and his 10-year old brother Yogesh – they earn hardly anything at all each month.

Even though child labour in factories has been legally abolished, millions of children work in their own homes, doing unskilled tasks such as making cheap jewellery or cutting the loose threads off pairs of jeans.

Their earnings, however small, are essential for their families. Yet they are missing out on the opportunity to enjoy a real childhood – to play, discover the world around them and, most important of all, go to school and build a better future.

The exploitation of children is wrong – dreadfully, shamefully wrong – if you agree, please help us free as many children as we can from this oppressive life.

With your help, we can give them the chance to be children. We can enable them to have an education and gain the skills they need to escape from poverty. It’s the best gift you can possibly give any child at Christmas.

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Please make a donation here to help children like Akash to live a better life?

You can also send a text to make your donation. Please text TXXM14 and your donation amount, ie £10 to 70070. Thank you.

This is how your Christmas donation
can help change more children’s lives…

  • £20 could provide teaching materials for vocational education, so that parents and other family members can improve their skills.
  • £40 could help parents form a community group so they can negotiate a better price, and earn at least the minimum wage, for the work they do.
  • £60 could go towards the cost of training or employing teachers at a Learning Centre.

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Please be as generous as you can so that many more children can have an education and a future.

Thank you!

Donate by clicking here.

Text TXXM14 and your donation amount, ie £10 to 70070.