• Non Executive Director

  • UK

  • Non Executive Director

  • Fees of £2925pa

  • 14 Days per year

  • 26/02/2018

  • 12 noon

Non Executive Director Vacancy

Traidcraft is a Christian response to poverty. We are one of the UK’s leading fair trade organisations (through our trading arm Traidcraft plc) and a development agency (Traidcraft Exchange) specialising in wider approaches to reducing poverty through trade.
Role overview: Traidcraft’s Board is currently seeking to identify up to 3 new non-executive directors. To complement the existing skills on the Board, candidates are sought with a strong background or expertise in one or more of Fair Trade, Retail, Trade Justice, Fundraising (particularly corporates, major donors, trusts and digital fundraising experience), programme/policy expertise in the areas of trade and environment and economic empowerment of women, supply chain consultancy, finance and governance, ideally with a proven track record in a senior leadership position within a commercial or charitable organisation.
Experience of international trade, supply chains and commodities trading within the Fair Trade or other certification system, would be helpful, but is not essential.
Candidates must be able to demonstrate a passion for Traidcraft’s mission, and to comply with our governance requirements must also be practising Christians.
Responsibilities: Each non-executive director is both a director of Traidcraft plc and a director of Traidcraft Exchange. Board meetings of the two organisations take place concurrently, reflecting the integrated nature of Traidcraft’s mission, and the Boards have the identical non-executive membership. A role description for non-executive directors is included in this briefing document, as is a brief explanation of Traidcraft’s current activities and governance structures. Directors are normally elected by shareholders of Traidcraft plc for a three year term, and can serve a maximum of three terms.
Time commitment: 14 days per annum. This includes up to six Board meetings (which may be held in either Gateshead or London), monthly finance committee teleconferences and other Board Committee meetings as required. One of the Board meetings stretches over two days, to incorporate Traidcraft’s annual stakeholder meeting.
Fees: £2,925 per annum (relating to time spent on Traidcraft plc business – time on Traidcraft Exchange matters is not remunerated, as it is a registered charity).
Trustee and director’s liability insurance: Traidcraft plc has Directors’ and Officers’ liability insurance in place with an indemnity limit of £3 million. Traidcraft Exchange has Charities Management protection insurance in place with an indemnity limit of £1 million.
Declaration required of non-executive directors: All directors of Traidcraft plc or Traidcraft Exchange are required to be able to complete the following declaration:
“I declare that I am normally an active member of a worshipping Christian community, that I subscribe to the Apostles’ Creed, that I am in full sympathy with the Objects of Traidcraft plc and Traidcraft Exchange and with Traidcraft’s Foundation Principles, and that I am in sympathy with Traidcraft’s Basis of Faith*”.
* In the past Traidcraft has had a Basis of Faith statement to which directors have had to subscribe. At the current time, however, there is no specific Basis of Faith with which directors need to express their sympathy, beyond those contained in the Apostles Creed and Foundation Principles. These and the current Objects clauses are set out in the ‘Directors Declarations’ section of this Briefing.
To apply: Applications should be submitted by email to recruitment@traidcraft.co.uk . You should submit your CV and a covering letter which explains in no more than 500 words why you want to be a non-executive director for Traidcraft and what makes you the ideal candidate for the role.
The closing date for applications is noon on Monday 26th February 2018.
Successful candidates are likely to be co-opted onto the Board, following approval by the Traidcraft Foundation, but will then be subject to re-election by the shareholders of Traidcraft plc at the next Annual General Meeting

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Send your completed application form and Equal Opportunities form to recruitment@traidcraft.co.uk.