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Olympics, the Jubilee and a campaigning dog

Senior Campaigns Officer Jayde Bradley reflects on the amazing achievements of Traidcraft’s campaigners in 2012...

Winning the campaign for a supermarkets watchdog

You may associate 2012 with the Olympics or Jubilee celebrations but for us it was the year that Traidcraft supporters got some huge campaign wins under their belts.

Campaigns 2012 success montage landscape

At the beginning of 2012, the Government was still promising to set up a watchdog to keep supermarkets in check — and the people that pick, pack and grow our food were still waiting for these words to turn into action.

Traidcraft campaigners sent emails, letters and even Valentine’s cards to their MPs calling on them to show their love for tougher rules for supermarkets.

You also signed over 1,000 paper-chains petitions during Fairtrade Fortnight which we then handed in to the minister responsible. We were accompanied by a giant snail calling on the Government to ‘pick up the pace’ and set up the watchdog.

In May, we scored our first success: the Government announced legislation that would finally see a watchdog set up.

When we got this commitment, it was time for ‘one last push’ to make sure it had the power to fine supermarkets that were found to be bullying their suppliers. This included:

With your help, we were able to show the wide support for a watchdog with strong powers to stop farmers, workers and producers around the world being squeezed by supermarkets — and the Government listened!

Earlier this month it was announced that the watchdog would have the power to fine supermarkets that break the rules. We couldn’t have done it without you!

Fighting unfair trade deals

Campaign - team celebrates EPA successEarly in the year a new attempt was made by European policy-makers to force poor countries to sign controversial trade deals with the EU — even though many had been outspoken about their problems with the agreements on the table.

You sprang into action! After receiving hundreds of emails and hand-written letters from Traidcraft supporters, Members of the European Parliament voted against this latest unfair ultimatum

One MEP went as far to say that ‘the letters had a big influence on our opinion’ and the news was also welcomed by African negotiators who said the Parliament had shown ‘wise political judgement.’

Help us keep it up next year!

Your campaigning makes a huge difference to the people that have the resources and skills to escape poverty, but are stopped from doing so by the unfair trade rules stacked against them.

We hope that reading about your successes will encourage you to keep taking action with Traidcraft.

And to find out how we’re going to build on these successes in 2013, why not come to our campaigns event on Thursday 28th February? We hope to see you there!