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Welcome news from Mars

Mars Confectionery UK announces its commitment to Fairtrade.

29 September 2011
We warmly welcome the news from Mars Chocolate UK that Maltesers are to carry the Fairtrade Mark from next year.

This switch by the third biggest confectionery brand in the UK will introduce Fairtrade to an even wider consumer audience and, most importantly, will have a strong, positive impact on the lives of small-scale cocoa and sugar farmers.

We also welcome the announcement that all Mars cocoa will be ethically certified by 2020 and hope this will, therefore, include the extension of the Fairtrade Mark to many other Mars products.

Paul Chandler, Traidcraft Chief Executive, said: ‘We have long encouraged mainstream companies to adopt Fairtrade standards so it’s great to see popular brands, like Maltesers, follow the lead of the fair trade pioneers, such as Traidcraft and Divine Chocolate.

“We now hope to see Mars invest in bringing new smaller scale farmers into their supply chain as well as converting existing suppliers.

“We recognise that this will increase competition for our cocoa products but we remain confident that consumers will continue to value and support the dedicated fair trade organizations whose work makes it possible for these other companies to join us in fighting poverty through trade.”