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Producer stories to download

These sheets tell the stories of some of our producers. They can be downloaded and printed.

CIPAC Producer Sheet.jpg


Carmelo Samayoa has been keeping bees in north west Guatemala for 25 years. Now he’s a member of CIPAC, and the fair price he receives helps him provide for his wife and six children.

Download the producer sheet (PDF)


Noah's Ark

Noah’s Ark not only provides work and a fair wage to
artisans, but brings positive change to poor communities.

Download the producer sheet (PDF)



"Cafedirect has improved grower livelihoods as farmers get additional money for gourmet coffee which they use for various things, like paying school fees for their children and building a dispensary.”

Download the producer sheet (PDF)

picture of showcard

Tribal Textiles

Painting skill and African sun make a powerful combination for Tribal Textiles.

Download the producer sheet (PDF)

Saidpur Enterprises

Saidpur Enterprises - A higher education

"I am feeling very happy. I have been able to stand on my own feet."

Download the producer sheet (PDF)

Honey showcard

Fairtrade honey blossoms

This sheet explains how Fairtrade honey makes a difference to the lives of producers.

Download the producer sheet (PDF)

Meet our producer showcard

Mama Fairtrade - Patricia's story

We are drinking Ndima tea. Why don't you do the same?

Download Patricia's story as a PDF

Swajan producer sheet

Swajan - Smrity's story

"My children are growing up and the expenses are growing. For that reason I am saving."

Download Smrity's story as a PDF

Rome Sunwar

A helping hand - Rome's story

"Without the money I earn, it is impossible to run my house and provide for my family."

Download Rome's story as a PDF

Nelson's story

A good price paid - Nelson's story

The quinoa used in Traidcraft's Fairtrade pasta is a traditional cereal grown on the high slopes of the Andes in Bolivia. It's hard to earn a living in this remote area and the good price paid by Anapqui helps farmers to stay in their home area when others have to migrate in search of a better income.

Download Nelson's story as a PDF.

Marcelina's story

Fine fibres, fair prices - Marcelina's story

Marcelina lives in the Juliaca area of Peru, high in the Andes. Spinning and knitting fine alpaca is a long-standing tradition in the area and through fair trade, the women receive design support, advance payments and a better price for their products.

Download Marcelina's story as a PDF.

Mansoor's story

A better future - Mansoor's story

Even after he set up his own jewellery workshop in Delhi, Mansoor never forgot his unhappy days as a child labourer. Working with Manjeen Handicrafts and making jewellery for Traidcraft helps him to provide good working conditions and a family environment for four young men from his home village.

Download Mansoor's story as a PDF.

Pieter's story

Raisins to be cheerful - Pieter's story

Many of the small-scale farmers work small, uneconomic pieces of land and some still lack electricity and piped water. Through working with Traidcraft, EAC has been able to fund the purchase of fertilisers and machinery, improve irrigation and invest in training.

Download Pieter's story as a PDF.

Brighter futures

Brighter futures - Joyce's story

Joyce and her family have access to electricity for the first time – thanks to the Fairtrade premium on sales of sugar. “The fair trade programme is doing good things here,” Joyce said. “The village where I live has one borehole and receives electricity. It is very exciting. We never believed this would be possible!”

Download Joyce's story as a PDF.

Bees and blueberries

Bees and blueberries - Apicoop's story

Relying on just one product can be a risky business. That’s why beekeepers at Apicoop in Chile wanted to grow blueberries as well. With Traidcraft’s help, they have established a blueberry field.The bushes are small, but the beekeepers’ hopes are big.

Download Apicoop's story as a PDF.