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Tell Liam Fox: make Brexit work for everyone

Liam Fox is the Minister responsible for International Trade - and he's keen for the UK to make new trade deals with countries like China, Australia and the US.

But if he wants Britain to be a great, global trading nation he must ensure our trade works for everyone. And that includes the many people in developing countries who rely on trade with the UK to make a living.

Traidcraft is working with the Fairtrade Foundation and others and calling on Dr Fox to seize this opportunity to change trade for good. We're collecting signatures on a petition which we'll present to him later this year. 

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Help us spread the word

Help us spread the word

Watch our short, fun Brexit video and share it with friends and family to raise awareness and grow support for the campaign.

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Traidcraft / FTF Brexit media report

Read our new report

Our new report - written jointly with the Fairtrade Foundation - sets out what needs to happen to change trade for good as Britain leaves the EU. 

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Traidcraft's campaigns blog is the place to get the latest news and updates on how the campaign is progressing and analysis of the issues. 

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