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Talking politics

September 22, 2014

In a guest blog, Marilyn Croser, Director of CORE, the UK NGO network on corporate accountability, reflects on the political party conference season.

Justice denied

September 18, 2014

It is a shocking double standard that British companies can currently get away with things in developing countries that would be completely unacceptable in the UK. Companies are not being properly held to account and victims are being denied justice.

Time to turn up the ‘justice’ volume

September 15, 2014

At Traidcraft’s annual meeting last Saturday, the inspirational Tomy Matthew, founder of Fair Trade Alliance Kerala, challenged us all to make sure the ‘justice’ content of fair trade is maintained and grows.

Pakistan fire victims still wait for justice two years on

September 10, 2014

Today, 11 September 2014, marks the second anniversary of the fatal fire at Ali Enterprises garment factory in Karachi, Pakistan, which killed at least 254 garment workers and injured a further 55 people.

An accident waiting to happen?

September 08, 2014

Masuma is a survivor. On 24 April 2013, she went to work in the Rana Plaza building in an outer suburb of Dhaka, Bangladesh. The building was home to dozens of separate factory units, making clothes for the world market.

Time to stand up for justice

September 07, 2014

Should British companies operating in developing countries be held to account in the UK for any harm they cause to workers or local communities in those countries?