5 brilliant buys to help you say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with open arms

February 03, 2017

We’re interested, here at Traidcraft HQ, to see who the first brave soul to buy our beautiful fair trade hammock is going to be.

We know that by June they’ll be flying out the building, but for someone to buy one in February, in Britain, that would suggest a level of optimism and forward thinking that you just can’t help but respect.

For many of us, a hammock might not a February purchase. But that doesn’t mean we should just let winter get the better of us. There’s something really exciting about letting your home get a little brighter, a little fresher, as the days start to get longer.

We want you to experience that spring feeling a little early this year – so you can enjoy a home that reflects something of all the sunshine, bird song, and daffodils that are headed our way.

To help you do that this year, we’ve picked out some brilliant early spring buys to welcome in the season in a way that suits your own personal style.




Garden House Wind Chimes


Just as important as the look of your garden, is the soundscape – often that’s what you experience first. These chimes add a gentle background melody to compliment the natural sounds of your outside space.





Cotton & Jute Storage baskets

With these natural storage baskets, it feels less like spring cleaning and more like giving your important possessions a beautiful home.




Tyre planters


Recycled Tyre Planters

They’re bright, cheerful, good for the planet – and that’s before you fill them with beautiful plants. A brilliant spring time buy.




Decorative tree


Decorative Tree

No matter the weather you can enjoy this – display it as a pretty centrepiece for your dining table or a quirky jewellery stand. It’s inspired by nature but has a really practical purpose in your home.




wire birds


Antiqued Wire Birds

These three birds have so much life and character in their wire frames that it it’s hard to not feel cheerful in their presence.





Of course if you’re feeling brave, there’s no better way to welcome the warmer weather than by relaxing on a fair trade hammock. And if you do so in February then you well and truly have our respect!