A Day in the Life of a Traidcraft Schools Co-ordinator

August 19, 2015 - Caroline Hardaker, Schools Coordinator


When schools break up for summer I keep on going! In fact it can often feel like one of the busiest times of the year, as there are so many resources, activities, and events to plan for the next school year. It’s a race against time to get it all set up on time!

First things first – I update our interactive annual planner with the newest national holiday dates and feast days, linking our resources to them to create a ‘one stop shop’ for the academic year. This way, I can also get a head start in thinking about any gaps in the year which need new lesson plans, competitions, or activities.

From there, I start developing our bi-annual Guide for schools, to give a helping hand to schools just starting to think about getting involved with Traidcraft. It includes a range of great ideas to keep classrooms busy for the next few months. This is also the perfect time to make sure we’ve got some lovely new tuck shop treats and staffroom coffees for September – so we’ve been having some secret meetings and taste tests for a new chewy and crispy snack (keep your eyes peeled)!

These are challenging times for Traidcraft, and we are all bandying together to reach out to our schools, churches, supporters, and shoppers, with the message that we need everyone to keep buying Traidcraft products to ensure we have the funds to continue our work.

Schools have a big part to play in the future of Traidcraft, so this autumn we’re doing lots to get new schools on board, helping them to set up mini PSHE enterprise schemes, tuck shops, treat boxes in the staffroom, and even supply coffees and teas to parents at events. The Schools Team works quite closely with the Fairtrade Foundation too, supporting teachers on their way to growing their Fairtrade School,

So there’s lots of planning involved for how we can make this year even more exciting than the last! And with Christmas just around the corner, it’s definitely not too early to start thinking of ways Schools can ‘Show They Care’.

Roll on September!