An empty nest... not an empty life

October 14, 2016 - Joanne Wallis, Supporter Relations Manager

Here’s the way it goes… for eighteen years this person is a gigantic piece of your life. You watch them as they learn to speak, learn to argue back, learn to make you laugh.

You shed a little tear on their first day of school. You celebrate their every success, and your heart breaks when theirs does.

In those 18 years, they critique your cooking, pick up on your mistakes and act as an almost constant source of worry. But you wouldn’t have it any other way. Because some days they listen to your advice, some days they laugh at your jokes… and they love you.

It’s like you’ve been on this 18 year rollercoaster – that has been difficult at times but mostly it’s been brilliant.

And then one day it sort of stops. They leave home.

And you’re left wondering what life even looks like when that constant presence in your life fades away into a weekly phone call.

If this was a sad story, that’s where it would end.

But life, as we all know, is a mixed bag – full of downs and ups, wrongs and rights. Every crisis brings an opportunity.

And even the heartbreak of an empty nest comes with its own unique set of upsides – and while these aren’t the miracle cure we might want, they’re certainly not worth ignoring either.

The most obvious among these new opportunities is the reduced work load – less washing, less ironing, less clutter to clear up. You start to appreciate the extra hours and the extra energy you have.

For the first time in a long time you have space to breathe… space to take on something new.

But space alone isn’t enough.

One of the things that we all need as humans is to feel valued. And when that person who used to need you for everything is now living far away, you feel that need even more.

And actually that’s where Traidcraft might be able to help.

We know from first-hand experience that there are people all across the world that need somebody to care about them. We see people that can’t afford to educate their children, people that can’t afford to eat every day.

The simple truth is that these people need your help. But what does that mean in a practical sense?

Well it might start with you taking a look at all the brilliant fair trade products on our online shop. You might read our latest Development Review and get excited about what we do…

But maybe the best use of your time, the most rewarding thing to do, would be to start selling fair trade – to help people in your community make a difference through the way they shop.

It might sound like a big ask at first but it’s easier than you think to create your own fair trade empire – one that makes a hugely positive contribution to the world. You can sell at work, at church, or anywhere in your community.

There are people all across the world that could benefit from you making that bold decision today.

Are you qualified? Absolutely! You can’t raise a child without learning to be tenacious, innovative and effective – someone who gets things done. You’re exactly the sort of person we’re looking for.

If all this intrigues you, but you’ve got more questions, then we’d love to talk to you. Call us on 0191 497 3999 or send an email if you prefer.

The truth is having an empty nest gives you more opportunity, not less. Starting your fair trade journey with Traidcraft is a brilliant way to add something positive into your life – something that’s great for you and even better for everyone else. After all, your child is trying something new - so why let them have all the exciting adventures?


And if you are coming to terms with an empty nest, as I am this year, remember this…

You are more powerful, more valuable and more important than you think – not just to your family but also to the world.