Breakfast Club

Bring Together Your Community with a Fair Trade Breakfast

October 25, 2016 - Caroline Hardaker, Schools Coordinator

This October, as part of our ‘Show You Care’ campaign, we’re doing as much as we can to promote the idea of hosting a Fairtrade Breakfast in your community. Whether you’re involved with church, a community centre, a youth group, or a school – you already have the means to launch a Breakfast Club or Get-Together.

People around the world are connected by breakfasts. Our breakfasts often include coffee from Africa, tea from Asia, juice from South America, cereal, fruit, honey… Commodities from the four corners of the world. As Martin Luther King so correctly stated; we’ve already relied on the developing world before our day has even begun.

Our breakfasts give us the fuel we need to get through the day, and it’s a sad fact that many people eat alone, eat in a hurry, or don’t eat at all – and gathering local people together to share a real fair trade breakfast can raise awareness of fair trade as well as create a sense of community.

Traidcraft stocks all kinds of breakfast foods; from muesli, fruit, jams, honey, and juice, to a huge range of coffees and teas for comforting you against the autumn winds, so there’s scope for creating a new breakfast every day. You could share out some of our producer stories and catalogues for people to browse – and why not even play world music or our new Show You Care films in the background?

To help schools make the most of Breakfast Clubs (and we have hundreds of schools who also run tuck shops, healthy snack stalls, and fair trade bake offs), we created a nifty guide to starting a Breakfast Club, which can be downloaded here. Even if you’re not from a school – it’s helpful for breakfast ideas!

If it helps you to get started, we can offer an invoice facility and discounts on all our products (always between 10% and 15%) to make it a bit more affordable, and so you can fundraise for your own causes by charging for the goodies or for attendance to the Club. It’s as easy as that!

If you’d like to talk about breakfast-y ideas, call 0191 497 3999 and you’ll get straight through to us.