Cadbury’s and the Future of Fairtrade

November 29, 2016

Last week Mondelez announced its decision to drop the Fairtrade Mark from Cadbury’s chocolate bars and instead to bring all of its products under their in-house sourcing scheme, Cocoa Life. Critics suggest that this could cause confusion among consumers and ultimately lead to a dilution of the benefits for producers.

Here’s what Traidcraft Chief Executive, Robin Roth has to say on the matter:

“For many years the Fairtrade Foundation has built relationships with multi-national companies like Mondelez, the owner of Cadbury’s chocolate.  The Fairtrade Foundation believes that only by engaging with really big companies who buy large volumes of cocoa, tea and other commodities is it possible to make a big difference for farmers.  Many producers, who make up a part of the Fairtrade community, have actively encouraged this approach, and it has led to some impressive growth in Fairtrade sales in the last few years.

However, all companies are driven by the needs of their shareholders or by market conditions.  Mondelez has developed its own sourcing concept “Cocoa Life” which it believes is more suited to its needs than the Fairtrade label.  That is their decision and, ultimately, their right.

Traidcraft is different.  Fair trade is written into our DNA.  We were set up “to put the principles of fair trade into commercial practice” and we do not have the right, nor do we wish, to change our core mission.  Traidcraft is owned by over 5,000 individuals who have entrusted us to “do trade differently”.  That is what we strive to do, every day, and at all times.

We are grateful to all of our supporters who share this vision and encourage us to be the best at what we do.”