Christmas isn’t what it used to be… and the proof is in the pudding

December 09, 2016

It’s comforting to think that every year, Christmas will largely be the same. There will be mince pies, there will be turkey and there will be sprouts. You’ll open some presents, listen to the same old festive songs and settle down to watch your favourite TV special.

Christmas seems like a constant in our lives, but the truth is that it’s changing all the time. The proof of that this year is literally in the pudding… the Italian import known as panettone.

This year Selfridges say that their panettone is outselling Christmas pudding by two to one. Other retailers report that they’re now selling more single portion Christmas puddings than they are family sized varieties. People just don’t want the traditional treat as much as they used to.

And though these stories have caught the headlines this year, it’s fair to say that the decline has been going on for longer than that.

The Christmas of 2007 marked the first time that more people googled the term “panettone” than “Christmas pudding” and since that point the difference has only got bigger. The Italian dessert now receives double the amount of search interest to its competitor.



It would be easy to lament the decline of the traditional pudding, and all the other ways that Christmas is changing. But if we did that at Traidcraft, we’d miss out on big opportunities.

You see, we believe that every product, traditional or modern, should be sold under fair trade terms. So when we saw that the Italian desert was fast becoming a Christmas favourite we acted quickly to bring you a delicious, fair trade panettone.

Made in Italy, using traditional techniques, our panettone includes fair trade ingredients from around the globe: raisins from South Africa, cashews from India all packaged in a silk bag made by Bangladesh artisans.

It’s an excellent thought that simply by purchasing and enjoying a brilliant dessert, you are investing in so many different communities around the world. We’ve been selling our panettone for 3 years now and it’s a real crowd pleaser.

But the good news in all of this is that whether you prefer your Christmas to remain constant, love to try new things, or find yourself somewhere in between… you can choose a fair trade dessert that’s right for you.

This Christmas you are welcome to have Christmas pudding and panettone... in fact we would recommend it.

And remember you can find both at