The Development Review 2016 - catch up on the stories and the stats

September 19, 2016


Sometimes it's not enough to just list the numbers. It's been a really eventful year for our international development work... we could tell you about 18 projects in 11 countries that have helped 558,000 people - but it wouldn't quite paint the whole picture. The simple statistics don't quite capture the stories of farmers and artisans who are now living with a very real hope that they can feed their families, keep their children in school and ultimately change their lives.

It's these stories that truly express the importance of what Traidcraft does. Because behind every number is a person - someone who has been given a route out of poverty and is doing everything they can to take it.

When you give to Traidcraft, you're providing these determined, inspirational people with a route out of poverty. It simply wouldn't be possible without your support.

We're delighted to share the Development Review 2016 with you - it contains just some of the stories behind the statistics and gives a great overview of what we've been up to this year. 

We hope that as you read it, you realise just how big a part you have played in making the world a better, fairer place this year - thank you.

-> Read the Development Review 2016 here

To be part of the future of our development work, you can donate to Traidcraft to give more families a route out of poverty.