Earthquake in Nepal - how you can help

April 27, 2015

You’ll have seen the news reports coming out of Nepal about the devastating earthquake, the tragic loss of life, and the terrible damage to property.

Get Paper Industries or GPI, based on the outskirts of Kathmandu, is one of our longest-standing producers and supplier of handmade paper products, such as wrapping paper, cards, and felt, sold through our shop.

It provides an incredibly important social function. GPI gives a portion of its profits to its sister company GWP which has recently funded the building of local schools, promotes better health, and campaigns against human trafficking, a major problem in Nepal with as many as an estimated 15,000 women sold and trafficked out of Nepal every year.

Today, we’ve managed to make contact with Milan Bhattarai, founder of GPI, who thankfully reports no fatalities among his nearly 400 workers. Sadly though, many have lost their homes.

Mahaguthi, another of our producers, has also been badly affected by the earthquake. From early communication, we understand its staff are safe, although like GPI, many have lost their homes.

Traidcraft is committed to giving our producers full support during this difficult time, ensuring we do everything we can to provide any help they need.

You can show your support by continuing to purchase their products through the Traidcraft shop