Fair Trade is flying high at St Andrew’s & St Bride’s High School

November 05, 2015

We've just had an update from Mary Glen, a teacher at St. Andrew's and St. Bride's High School in East Kilbride and we think it's too good not to share! Hope you find it as inspiring and encouraging as we do...


Every Friday interval, the Fair Trade group in our school have a tuck shop in the ‘Street’ area of our school. This is where most of the pupils ‘hangout’. We also take trays of goodies to staff bases and places where the adults gather. The tuck shop and goodie tray are organised by a simple rota that gives everyone in the group a chance to sell things!

The school has been engaged with Fair Trade for three years and we are slowly becoming part of school life. We have some tremendously faithful and committed members who feel that they have learned various skills in dealing with others and communicating their cause.

Soon we will be distributing catalogues to the teachers for Christmas to encourage them to buy some gifts from us. We also have a stall at the school’s Christmas Fayre where we sell our own goods, as well as the products from the Fair Trade Group in the local Parish, with whom we work closely. We feel by selling more, we are making a big difference!

The Fair Trade Group feel that by working in the group, they have begun to appreciate more of what they have in life and feel privileged and happy to help others.

Without Traidcraft all of this would have been impossible. They provide us with everything we need, catalogues, posters, t-shirts, educational material, ideas and goods. Everything is found in the one place, or at the end of a phone or email, which helps greatly when we are trying to organise events.  We can’t praise them highly enough for their support and encouragement.