Five alternative Christmas gifts for the chronically hard to please

October 21, 2016

Every family, every group of friends, every workplace under the sun has one: a person who is ‘hard to buy for’.

No matter what you get them it’s always the same reaction. They smile politely, express their thanks and then forget your present ever existed.

So how do you buy for such a person? How do you please the unpleasable? Well the answer surely lies somewhere outside of the box. You have to go beyond a normal gift and find an alternative gift. You have to give them the thing they didn’t know they wanted.

We have five such alternative gifts for you to try… and who knows? This just might be the Christmas you get the genuine smile, the Christmas where you give a gift that they love.


1. A chocolate classic with a twist

It's hard to go wrong with chocolate but as a present idea... it can seem a little safe. This mini tasting set, however, is different enough to have a good chunk of novelty value. The chocolate joy might only last for a day, but what a day it will be! 


2. A piece of tree

Some people just like the simple things in life. And this gift is stunning in its simplicity - it's basically a well chosen, well crafted piece of tree. But it's a great present idea for someone who doesn't like materialism, but does like nature...

 Tree Trunk Serving Board


3. An unfathomable amount of food

It's hard to say no to a big box of deliciousness. So if you really want to make someone happy this Christmas, simply hand them a fair trade hamper!

Zaytoun christmas hamper gift


4. A simple sound system

It's amazing how well this works. It's just a piece of bamboo that has been crafted to amplify your phone. It's nature's mini sound system and it's a surprising present that's really fun to use.

natural sound system



5. A gift that really matters (and requires no storage space…)

If your hard-to-buy-for person really doesn't want more 'stuff' then get them something really meaningful. Traidcraft's gifts for life help real people in the developing world and it's a positive way to channel any anti-present energy a person might have. Plus it definitely won't clutter up the house.

 gifts for life