Flying the Flag for Fair Trade at St Edmund’s School, Canterbury!

May 27, 2016

We love hearing from our Supporters, and stories from schools can often be the most inspirational! We received a wonderful booklet created by St Edmunds School showing all of the wonderful activities they’d done this term for Traidcraft, including dressing up as a banana on Canterbury Highstreet, holding fair trade assemblies, inviting a Traidcraft Speaker, and teachers and children working together to run a Fairtrade Café! As well as learning all about teamwork and world issues, the school also raised £225 for Traidcraft Exchange!

St Edmund’s Additional Needs Teacher, Mrs Thyssen, told us their story (along with some help from Harry, Sam, and Patrick).

‘St Edmund’s School sits on top of a hill, overlooking the beautiful and ancient City of Canterbury.

The Canterbury area is a Fairtrade district. Our school has been a Fairtrade School for many years and we love learning about fair trade. One way of doing this is by running our Traidcraft Tuck Shop twice a week at breaktime. We sell Fairbreaks, fruit juice, 

ginger & shortbread biscuits, and GEOBARs. Children help with setting up the stall, serving keen customers and ordering the new 

stock. Apart from these weekly stalls we have our ‘BIG stalls’ such as the Christmas and Summer stall. The stall has been running since 2014 when we met with our School 

Council (children from Years 3 to 8) to raise the issue of becoming more proactive for Fairtrade on a regular basis.

During this year’s Fairtrade Fortnight, years 3,4, and 5 decorated Fairtrade Cotton aprons, set up a fair trade café and Traidcraft stall, a raffle for a fair trade hamper, a ‘Big Fairtrade Breakfast’ with a smoothie bike, assemblies and workshops on fairness and a carousel of fair trader based lessons, including drama, creating a fair trade world map and playing the Banana Split Game. Our centre-piece was made by our Fairtrade Club, an over-life-size fair trade breakfast made of papier mâché. We also managed to raise £225 towards Traidcrafts’ Let it grow’ appeal.

All these activities help us understand how we are connected to people around the world and especially with farmers who provide us with our essential and well-loved foods. It’s also fun and brings us closer together.

“Joining the Fairtrade Club and getting ‘sticky’ for Fairtrade is great fun,”says Harry, 10.

“I loved setting up the Traidcraft stall and making a papier mâché pineapple,”says Sam, 10.

“I like working together with others. Also I like to learn about how people live in other places of the world.”says Patrick, 10.

Since we have started our weekly Traidcraft stall ‘Fairtrade’ has become a constant part of our school life. Thinking about its ideas and the people behind the products has become second nature. This encourages us in general to think about others, the decisions we make and their effect on others on a daily basis. It’s a life skill that our school is passionate about. We are taking lessons out of the classroom and into a real-life context.

We also have lots of ideas for what the children would like to do in the future, including a fair trade football tournament (with a few added surprises!), a sponsored walk (dressed up as fair trade products or fruits), a fair trade cooking club, and meeting a real fair trade farmer!’

Thank you so much to St Edmund’s School – you’re an inspiration!