Good news in the pipeline

June 01, 2015

Every time you buy our Together Green recycled tissue products, you contribute directly to a fund which helps Traidcraft carry out environmental projects in the communities of the producers we work with, helping them build a sustainable future and adapt to the challenges of climate change.


Together Green


Mountain Fruits is an organisation that works to improve incomes for isolated farming communities in northern Pakistan. We source
apricots and walnuts from them, which can be bought as dried fruit and nuts and also found in Geobars and cookies. There are over 5,000 growers in remote places across the Karakorum and Himalayan Mountain region where many farming families still don’t have access to clean water all year round. 


Apricots growing in mountains


Thanks to the sales of our Together Green recycled tissue range, we’ve been working on a project to bring fresh, clean water to almost 300 people in these remote communities with the building of a pipeline. 

We’ve had news that the pipeline project is progressing, albeit slowly, but as you can see from our cover image, the farmers live
in an extremely challenging environment. Coupled with this, the communities sometimes receive a power supply for
only four hours a day.

Sher Ghazi, the chief executive of Mountain Fruits, says: "We were finally able to import pipes from Lahore and have installed them from the main line to the water well. We have paid for the specialised pump and will soon install it."


Sher Ghazi

This is great news as once the pipeline is complete, the water supply will benefit villagers and also help the organisation to process the fruit.

Read more about the work we do thanks to sales of Together Green.

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