Hours in the scorching heat...

June 08, 2016


As Head Gardener at The Alnwick Garden, Trevor Jones knows a thing or two about cultivation. But it's fair to say that when he visited cotton farmers, supported by Traidcraft in India, it was entirely new experience for him...

"During my visit I was privileged enough to spend some time with a number of farmers, including one called Premananda who let me work with him to harvest the cotton on his farm.

It was a wonderful once-in-a-life-time experience, but it brought home to me very quickly just how hard farmers here have to work. They spend many hours in the scorching heat, often far away from the nearest water supply. The determination of farmers like Premananda was so inspiring."

Traidcraft works with people like Premananda to help them improve their profits and productivity so that they can begin to lift their families and even their whole communities out of poverty. But we can only do this important work because of donations from people who believe that it's important to fight poverty through trade - people like you.

As Trevor says...

"The donation you send today won't just help a farmer to become better at what they do. It will help create real long-term change inspiring the next generation so they can grow up ambitious - and confident that they can determine their own futures."

Please give what you can today to help more people like those Trevor met in India - simply complete the donation form below. Or, if you want more information on the project, visit our summer appeal page here.

 Thank you so much for your life-changing support.