In a post Brexit world, here’s one thing that won’t change…

June 27, 2016 - Andy Biggs, Chief Executive

The result of the EU referendum has set the United Kingdom on a path to leave the European Union. There is clearly a great deal of uncertainty at the moment and a lot of speculation about what the future holds. One thing is certain, from our trading activities to our campaigning, to the funding of our overseas programmes, things will change.

Like every business and household across the UK, as things unfold over the coming months Traidcraft will need to take stock of how this important decision will affect our work and in particular those who benefit from our work.

However I can reassure you that one thing won’t change. As the country moves towards reshaping its relationship with Europe and the wider world, Traidcraft will continue to work for fairer and more just trade policies and practice in everything we do

We will continue to demonstrate that a fairer way of trading is possible. We will continue to highlight the need to challenge unfair trading practices. We will continue to call for UK companies to be accountable in law for their actions and we will continue to press for fairer trade and investment policies.

The result of the referendum serves to highlight why this aspect of our work is now more important than ever. By the autumn it is likely that a new Prime Minister and cabinet will be responsible for setting UK trade policy. We will work hard to ensure that international development, human rights, labour and environmental standards are protected as new agreements are negotiated.

We may no longer be a member of the European Union but we remain part of an interconnected world where many of the goods we consume are produced in developing countries by farmers and workers struggling to survive on low incomes and with few opportunities. We need to keep working to ensure that the benefits of trade are shared more equally and that everyone can live with dignity.

Our long-standing relationships with campaigners in the European and global fair trade movement remain vitally important to us as we move forward in solidarity. We will continue to support each other and campaign together so that we can help build that fairer and more just trading system that we all want to see become a reality.

No matter what happens politically, you can count on Traidcraft to continue fighting poverty with all our time, energy and resources – and we’re so grateful for your continued support in that mission.