Learning life changing things doesn’t happen often...

June 16, 2017

When did you last learn something new? For some of us, learning new things is part of everyday life – we live in a world full of information. For others, it might be a little less common, as we go through the routine of daily life.

As children, we learn new things constantly – copying the adults around us, and picking up new skills and capabilities. 

As adults, it’s a little more tricky. Perhaps we join an evening class at a university, are sent on a training course though work, or head to our local library for new information.

Learning new things is not so easy for women like Asina. She lives in rural Bangladesh, where opportunities to learn new skills are limited – there is little in the way of libraries or computer access, and her days are spent working long hours in the field for her neighbours and caring for her four children. But she knows that new skills could change her life for the better.

She has a small patch of land outside her home, unsuitable for growing rice or sugarcane, but good for growing tea – a relatively new crop to the area of Bangladesh where Asina lives. “People say my land is good to make a tea garden…If I get a chance to grow on our fallow land I will be able to do something in life.”

Asina has the ability and determination to learn new tea cultivation skills and improve her income – she just needs the opportunity. That’s where Traidcraft comes in. We provide training opportunities so that people like Asina can learn new skills, like how to grow and market new crops on unused or infertile land.

These new skills really are life changing. They enable people to grow more and earn more, so they can enjoy a future where they are their families no longer live in poverty.

To help people like Asina learn new skills, support Traidcraft Exchange’s Summer Appeal today at www.traidcraft.org.uk/summer