Meet our Fair Traders

May 18, 2015 - Karena Jarvie, Kinross Fair Trader

The Traidcraft Team at Kinross Parish Church is very grateful to the many people who have supported our sales and, by doing so, allow Traidcraft to support producers all over the world. We sell our goods after church on a Sunday, through our church office during the week and also at four other local churches, a garage and a café! We have helped with Fair Trade events at the local primary and high schools and, over the last year, we have had great support from the teachers to start a tuck shop at the high school!

Our team includes the regular driver who brings our orders, Sheila, who tirelessly prices everything, and Isobel who takes stock to our ‘outlets’.

Margaret, Kathleen and Karena take turns selling on a Sunday and at other events. We are particularly pleased to have two very enthusiastic teenagers, Hannah and Flora, who have been selling Traidcraft since they were in Primary 7, when they sold to the parents of Junior Church children, and now three years later, they are still volunteering and are able to record their volunteering towards their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Awards. For this, they set up our stall each week, take their turn at selling on a Sunday and also often help at Saturday events.

We have also provided samples of tea and coffee to local businesses to encourage them to order more and at events our free samples of sweets and chocolate often encourage people to buy!

This year we have also been able to send a donation to the Fair Necessities Appeal from our Big Brew Event where we supplied baking made with Traidcraft ingredients to go with our Traidcraft tea and coffee after the church service.

Kinross Fair Traders

The photo shows our team, with the celebration Traidcraft cake (made by Margaret and decorated with TC – delicious!) to celebrate our sales rising from over £8,000 last year to over £11,000 this year which makes us the 2nd highest sellers in Scotland! We would like to hear from the group who are the top sellers in Scotland, so we can get even more ideas!

Interested in becoming a Fair Trader yourself? Find out more and how to apply