Poverty Footprint Calculator – the results

January 31, 2017


Looking at the picture above you can see that there were five possible results you could get when taking our Poverty Footprint calculator. Ranging from ant-size to a shoe you could live in

The general theory is that a small footprint is a good one - showing that you walk lightly on the earth and, most likely, live in such a way that reduces poverty.

In total 1,647 people completed the quiz, giving us a wide range of results.

Take a look below to see how your results compare…


Poverty Footprint Bar Graph

As you can see from the above chart, the most common outcome was the Ballerina footprint – the second best score possible. An ant and an elephant size footprint made up the rest of the top 3 most common answers.

Overall it's clear that a lot of people got high scores on this quiz and that is great news. You can see this trend even more clearly when we look at the most common answers…



It’s been really interesting and encouraging to see the great effort that so many people put in to make the world a better, fairer place. While our individual actions sometimes seem to go unnoticed, together we are making a huge difference.

We see everyday how the combined effect of thousands of people, each giving a little, can add up to a lot of impact in developing countries.

It’s so abundantly clear that Traidcraft supporters are living lives that reduce poverty and that is brilliant news. 


And remember, if you still haven’t tried the Poverty Footprint Calculator, it’s not too late to see where you rank.