Start your New Year's resolutions now

September 18, 2015

September Resolutions


January is too late. By the time January comes along, it feels like we’re halfway through the year.

From as early as 4 years old we’ve been programmed to start things in September. It’s how schools work, it’s how universities work and this year it’s even how Doctor Who works.

The better weather in summer only reinforces this – as autumn rolls in most of us have just been on holiday, feeling at least a little rested and ready for the year.

Compare this to Christmas – which is brilliant… but tiring. Let’s face it, the main thing we feel inspired to do at the end of December is a spot of dieting – and for most of us even that doesn’t last too long.

Surely September is the time for your New Year’s resolutions… even if you can’t really call them that.

And actually, we see this at Traidcraft all the time…

When do we get new schools signing up? When do people flock to start a fairtrade stall? When do challenge seekers commit to raise money for Traidcraft? It all happens in autumn.

But the problem is we never talk about the new beginnings of September – it doesn’t have the same weight as the turn of the calendar year – and so it’s easy to miss out.

One day someone will surely make September Resolutions a real thing… but until then you’ll have to do it for yourself.

So ask yourself some questions… How is this year going to be different from the last? What will you do better? What will you do more of? Don’t let your post-summer energy lead to nothing.

And if you’re struggling for ideas, we have plenty of brilliant autumn resolutions to challenge and inspire you this year…

  • Start a world-changing micro-business - sell fair trade in your church, workplace or school to make it easier for everyone to buy the products that matter.

  • Do something crazy to raise money – shave your head, climb a mountain, run a marathon… whatever you want to do we’re here to help.
  • Make the switch to Traidcraft – whether it’s Coffee, Tea, Chocolate or even your Cleaning Supplies… commit to buying it all from Traidcraft because we go above and beyond Fairtrade standards to transform the lives of hard working artisans and farmers overseas.

There is a wealth of things that you could start this Autumn – it’s a real opportunity. But whatever you choose, don’t wait until January… January is too late.