Stick a Little Reminder on Yourself

November 15, 2016

Our Show You Care campaign is all about the doing aspect of caring. It’s about choosing to give fair trade gifts, raising awareness of trade injustice or hand-delivering a Christmas card to a loved one or an isolated neighbour.

Perhaps we should remember to show that we care on a daily basis too.

Imagine what good we might do, if we all chose a day to be our own ‘Show You Care Day’, and chose to actively make a difference to one other person’s day. It could be by helping an elderly neighbour with her shopping or by sending an impromptu gift to someone who needs it. It could even be something as small (but meaningful) as offering a friendly smile to a stressed-out colleague.

Perhaps you could even wear one of our free Show You Care stickers that day, to remind you of what you’re doing.

If you’re a teacher, you could give them out to pupils and challenge them to help a friend while they’re at school or a parent at home, or if you attend church, you could ask for the stickers to be given out so everyone can start caring in their community on a huge scale.

Maybe you could even use stickers to seal your Christmas cards, or make that little sticky heart the finishing touch to a beautifully wrapped gift. It’s just a little reminder that we’re all trying to make sense of this world together, and we care about each other.

You can order your free stickers here: