Stir Up Sunday – an alternative way to kick-start your Christmas

November 18, 2016

You know you’re a true Stir Up Sunday aficionado if you only stir the Christmas pudding mix from east to west – in commemoration of the direction that the wise men travelled.

For most people though, Stir Up Sunday is a bit of a mystery. You may have heard it mentioned or even taken part in your youth. A fair majority of us know it’s the day when you’re supposed to make Christmas pudding with your family… though we rarely turn that knowledge into action.

But the decline in popularity that Stir Up Sunday has experienced is not because the Christmas pudding has gone out of fashion.

In fact, it’s estimated that 25 million Christmas puddings are eaten in the UK each year – that’s almost one between two. So it seems that while we haven’t lost the enjoyment of eating the traditional desert – we have lost the enjoyment of making it.

But there are two very good reasons why you should consider reclaiming this curious tradition…

Firstly, it’s not difficult to make a Christmas Pudding. It takes a bit of dedication but not a great deal of skill. If you put in the work, you’ll make something really special. You can find a good recipe on BBC Good Food or from Jamie Oliver’s Nan and we’ve got loads of the key fair trade ingredients right here.

Secondly, it’s an activity that can make your Christmas better. You get to benefit from a delicious pudding – that tastes even better because you made it with your own hands. But you also get to spend quality time with your family – taking a bunch of ingredients and turning them into something special.

If you do stir up Sunday right, you set the tone for how Christmas is going to be in your house… It’s about spending time with your family, taking joy in simple things and having a good laugh together.

Stir up Sunday brings you so many of the things that are great about Christmas and if you get your ingredients from us, you’re promoting fairness in the world and helping someone else have a good Christmas too.

So do your best to reclaim a bit of the magic of Stir up Sunday this year and start your festive season in a really positive way.