Survey finds two thirds of UK would switch off social media over Christmas

December 20, 2016

A new survey commissioned by fair trade pioneers, Traidcraft, has found that two in three of the UK population would switch off and take a social media fast over Christmas.

While a third of us are contemplating logging out of Facebook and signing off from Twitter this Christmas, the Traidcraft survey also show that one in five respondents have checked their work emails on Christmas day.

In response to the survey Traidcraft is encouraging people to put down their phones and connect face-to-face this Christmas.

  • 2 in 3 would be open to a Social Media fast over Christmas
  • 1 in 5 have checked their work emails on Christmas day

The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu,  said: “I’m a keen social media user and I think it’s a great way to stay in touch with family and friends as well as get a sense of what’s going on in the wider world. That said, it’s greatly encouraging that two thirds of people would consider a social media fast over Christmas.

“The festive period is a time to connect at a much more meaningful level. Putting down your phone for just a few days gives you time to strike up conversations you might not have had, get out and enjoy social activities with friends, or just relax and enjoy a traditional Christmas without the constant distraction of newsfeeds and timelines.

“Even if it’s just for a day or two, why not take up the challenge and enjoy a short social media fast this Christmas – you might be surprised how good you feel as a result.”

The study supports fair trade retailer and charity Traidcraft’s ‘Show You Care’ campaign, encouraging consumers to shop with thought and love, enabling the organisation to continue its life changing and pioneering work.

Larry Bush, Traidcraft’s Marketing Director, said: “There’s nothing wrong with social media, but it’s good for all of us to take a break from our screens every now and then.

“This Christmas Traidcraft is encouraging people to take a moment to take a social media fast, but also to think about how they could make a difference to someone else’s life.”

Traidcraft works with producers and craftspeople in some of the world’s poorest regions, helping to lift people out of poverty enabling them to build sustainable livelihoods for themselves and their families.

Susheel, a craftsperson working for fair trade company Noah’s Ark in India, is one person to recently benefit from Traidcraft’s work. Susheel’s wife Dharam suffered complications during pregnancy and unable to pay for medical attention they were turned away from hospital.

Susheel said: “When I took my wife to the hospital I needed a great deal of money for them to admit her. I was very upset and tried my best to get the money, but at the time I thought there is no way I can save the life of my child.”

Thankfully his employer, Traidcraft’s partner company Noah’s Ark, stepped in to help with the medical bills. Susheel, Dharam and their two children are now a happy, thriving family.

As well as a fair wage, Noah’s Ark is committed to giving all craftspeople decent working conditions and support in times of difficulty. This is of vital importance where the poorest struggle to survive.

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