The five best fair trade bargains of the Traidcraft January sale

January 06, 2017

If you’re looking for the biggest reduction on the Traidcraft Shop right now, the answer is the Suki friendship bracelets which are currently sitting at a discount of 60%.

But perhaps rather than looking for the biggest reduction, you might prefer to look for the best value instead. You’re searching for those items that can be picked up at a bargain price and will go on to make a significant, positive difference in your everyday life. 

Those are the real winners.

And for those of you that don’t necessarily have the time to scour, we’ve picked our five favourite bargains for you right here…


The Cinnamon Bark Tea light Holder – 25% off

Jawaja Leather Bag – 40% off


Big Blue Toy Train – 20% off




Julissa Textured Alpaca Poncho – 40% off



Dove and Pearl Earrings in Gift Box – 25% off



 Those are just a few of the fantastic bargains that can be found at