The journey back to profitability – Traidcraft’s Annual Report

August 25, 2016

We’re pleased to present our latest annual report, which tells the stories of changed lives and demonstrates our commitment to transparent social accounting and reporting. This year, we’ve combined all our different annual, development and impact reports into one document, so you can see how we’re doing in the context of our whole mission.

Our impact is spread over many different areas as we fight for poverty reduction, gender equality, decent work, fairer trading laws and more besides. Many of our priorities, such as protecting the environment, are captured within Fairtrade standards but in each case we seek to go above and beyond what is simply required – and instead ask how much impact can we possibly achieve.

The past year has been one of challenge at Traidcraft, as we sought to improve the trading profitability of Traidcraft PLC whilst staying true to our principles. We’re pleased to report that during the year we have made much progress and have successfully started the journey back to sustainable profitability for our trading activities.

A key part of this year’s success was our ‘Show You Care’ campaign in 2015, which led to a high level of engagement and sales from autumn through into Christmas.

We have also been able to maintain our level of development impact. The number of people we’ve supported through our projects stands at 558,900 – well above our target of 500,000 people.

We’re therefore so grateful to all our supporters - for your passion and determination to make the world a fairer, better place. We couldn’t do any of it without your support!

This Annual Report details what has been an encouraging year – and what we hope is the first of many more to come. Please read on and learn more about our work.

View the Traidcraft Annual Report here