Time to think like a bear and treat yourself to Traidcraft’s Organic Marmalade

September 15, 2016

Back when Paddington Bear visited Traidcraft, as part of his trip round the UK with Parcelforce, we couldn’t resist the chance to pair him up with his favourite food… marmalade!

It’s not just the sticky-pawed bear that enjoys a bit of marmalade though… any die hard Ian Fleming fans might know that James Bond has the orange preserve on toast in the mornings. It’s mentioned in one of the less exciting parts of the novel From Russia With Love!

But we don’t think you should just let James and Paddington have all the fun... Now that it’s Organic September, it’s the perfect time to for you to rediscover the joy of marmalade and get a little more organic goodness in your life.

In case there is any doubt in your mind, Traidcraft’s Marmalade is definitely a cut above the rest… It’s Fairtrade, it’s organic and it tastes great. It’s been a customer favourite for a long time.

It’s a luxury fine cut marmalade, made from organic Seville oranges. With their refreshing, sharp flavour, organic Seville oranges make great marmalade. Unlike sweet oranges, their pith becomes transparent and glistening when cooked with sugar, resulting in a bright, sparkling preserve.

The organic and fair trade sugar used in our marmalade comes from the Otisa co-operative – located in an isolated region of Paraguay. Harvesting large bundles of sugar cane is back breaking work – especially when you only have an ox and cart to help you. But with the help of the Fairtrade Premium, the cooperative are hoping to secure a plot of land on which to build a mechanical crane to improve the efficiency and safety of their work. They're also planning on using the money to make fresh water more accessible for the whole community.

That's just one example of the difference that buying Fairtrade can make!

To help you celebrate Organic September this year, we’re offering 10% off Traidcraft’s Organic Marmalade – available in cases of 6 and as a single. The offer lasts until the 22nd September so make the most of it while you can.

Take a look at the video below to see what Rachael, our Grocery Manager, has to say about Traidcraft's Marmalade…



 If marmalade just isn’t your preserve of choice, you can also benefit from 10% off our Organic Strawberry Jam!