Visit Mzuzu coffee farmers on our new tour to Malawi

March 04, 2015 - Lizzie White, Saddle Skedaddle

Malawi is a little-known gem in the heart of Africa, a small country of diverse beauty, friendly people and amazing wildlife.

On our brand new tour, we will spend time in northern Malawi, viewing game and relaxing in one of the country’s incredible national parks before visiting smallholder farmers who grow coffee, rice and peanuts. Our first fair trade visit will be to the farmers who produce the delicious coffee from our Malawi Mzuzu Ground Coffee and we’ll enjoy a cup of coffee while learning about coffee production and the benefits fair trade has brought to the cooperative.

Tenson, a coffee farmer

Moving on to Karonga, we visit rice farmers who have been working with Just Trading Scotland on the 90kg of rice ‘send a child to school’ project.

We then spend a few days on the shores of magical lake Malawi before our tour draws to a close with a visit to Liberation’s peanut producers close to the border with Zambia.

We work with local partners in Malawi who help us develop our itineraries and provide local guides and logistics for all of our tours. Alongside keeping all of our travellers safe and comfortable, our priority is also to support the local tourism initiatives and businesses, and as we travel we will visit communities who are benefitting from these projects.

Our holidays will run in June each year during the coffee harvest – the perfect season for travelling as temperatures are warm but not too hot and there is little chance of rain. Malawi is often known as ‘the warm heart of Africa’ and on this tour we can expect beaming smiles and welcoming handshakes everywhere we go!

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