Winner wakes up to Malawian coffee

February 16, 2015

Last year, Traidcraft teamed up with the Scotland Malawi Partnership to offer one lucky winner a years' supply of Traidcraft's Malawi Mzuzu Ground Coffee. And that winner is David Atherton! 

David says: "Malawi and Fair Trade has held a special place in my heart for a long time.

In 2005, I was working on an HIV/AIDS programme in the country when my friend Nina visited. She was about to set up a Fair Trade social enterprise called Fair Grounds and we went on a Fair Trade co-op tour spending time with Kasinthula sugar growers who provide the sugar for Traidcraft sweets and Geobars.

It was so good to see first-hand the benefits of the Fair Trade premium. Nina and I are huge coffee lovers and each day we enjoyed the smooth rich flavours of Mzuzu fair trade coffee.

 David and Nina in Malawi   David Atherton working in Malawi

My ties with Malawi continue and I have recently returned from a 2-year placement where I was teaching nurses and midwives at a rural hospital. On my departure in April I was very excited to bring my best friend from Malawi with me. While in the UK he met Nina and together they are setting up a Fair Trade basket co-op in his village.

 Nina with years' supply of coffee

When I found out that I had won a years' supply of Mzuzu coffee, the first person I rang was Nina. She is the most bubbly positive person you can ever meet, but without her coffee in the morning she can barely leave the house. She was so excited with the news, and especially as I told her the coffee was being sent to her! We are sharing the coffee and using a number of the bags to promote Mzuzu fair trade coffee at different events.

I have been a member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership for a number of years. It does great work and promoting Malawian fair trade products features heavily on its agenda. For over a decade I have been frustrated seeing coffees from other countries line the shelves with Malawi’s Mzuzu coffee remaining absent. Now it is here and its rich, dark and almost caramel tones won’t disappoint – wake up and smell the coffee!"

Traidcraft's Mzuzu Coffee is grown by small-scale producers high in the Misuku hills, near the shores of Lake Malawi and has a rich and lively finish.

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