What's your favourite toy?

November 28, 2016

You might think that you’ve grown out of toys, but you probably haven’t. It’s just when we hit adulthood, we don’t describe them in that way anymore.

Maybe your favourite toy now is a laptop or an iPad or a set of golf clubs. Maybe it’s a piano or a kitchen aid.

It’s true that these things go beyond the simple toys you played with as a child, but they still fulfil many of the same functions. They give you a chance to play, to experiment, to have fun.

You can tell a lot about a person from their favourite toy. It gives clues into their relative wealth and maturity, but it also shines a light into something deeper. It shows you what makes a person smile, what brings them joy. It tells you what they look like when they’re happy.

And it’s that deep connection that you share with a person, when you see them truly happy, that makes this series of photos so powerful.

Here is a selection of children from Bangladesh holding their favourite toys…



 Saju spends so much of his time playing with his tyre – a favourite activity for children in Bangladesh.



Shahporan’s favourite toy is this Tom Tom car which was gifted to him by a neighbour. He can no longer go to school because his mother doesn’t have enough money to buy a pen or anything to write on.



Bilah loves to give people rides on his toy car.



This is the only toy Arif has. Since his father died, he has been working – earning just a few pence a day labouring in the fields.



Rubina is holding her plastic toys. She stopped going to school because her mother could not afford to pay the examination fees.


These striking photos present such a stark contrast to some of the excesses of Christmas in the UK.

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