When Motherhood Matters Most…

March 24, 2017


Family is important to Traidcraft.

We help people in developing countries to provide for their families – by offering them fair pay and good working conditions. We also offer our UK staff flexi hours contracts so they can be available at home when they’re needed.

So when Mothering Sunday comes along, we’re keen to celebrate some of the incredible examples of motherhood we see.

Being a mum can be hard at best of times, but even more so when you’re living in poverty. Sometimes it’s in these difficult circumstances that the real impact of maternal love shines through all the more clearly…

Take Nargis for example. She’s a widow living in Bangladesh, trying her best to provide her young daughter with a happy childhood and a bright future.




For many in her situation, this would be impossible. But two things really came together to make a difference…

Firstly, her family supported her. Nargis was able to move back in with her parents – not a luxurious option, but a lifesaving one.

Secondly, she secured a good job for herself. Swajan, who make many of Traidcraft’s hand embroidered products, were able to offer her a steady job as an embroiderer.

The fair pay and excellent working conditions at her workshop meant that she could start to rebuild her life. Now she’s able to say, “I am working for my daughter. All the money I devote to my daughter.”

It’s a mother’s love that will ultimately make a little girl in Bangladesh grow up in a secure home, with hope of a bright future.

There are thousands of stories just like Nargis’ throughout Traidcraft’s work. Every time you buy a Traidcraft product you’re investing in families. You’re helping care givers all over the world to look after the people they love.

And in return you get some really special products – so everybody wins.