Would you make it as a business owner in Tanzania?

May 05, 2017

Television is full of shows that ask people to prove their business acumen – The Apprentice, Dragon’s Den… even Bargain Hunt to a certain extent.

But a tougher business test than anything offered on TV is that which is faced by those looking to start enterprises in developing countries. 

To illustrate this challenge, let’s take a look at the difference between starting a business in the UK and doing the same thing in Tanzania.

For the sake of argument, imagine you want to set up a medium scale bakery business. You need to register the business, build a warehouse and then register that property.

Here’s how that would look in the two countries according to data from The World Bank


UK business stats      


In the UK you can set up your bakery business in 4 months, compared to 10 In Tanzania. The truth is people can rarely afford to wait that long.

In this country, you’ll have to go follow 19 procedures from beginning to end - in Tanzania that number is 35. Every step in the process provides another opportunity for something to go wrong or get delayed.

On top of this, simply registering a business in Tanzania costs around 20% of the country’s average income - a figure that drops to 0.1% in the UK.

This is just one example of how business is rarely a level playing field. Your opportunities vary dramatically because of where you were born and where you live.

Traidcraft works to even things up and help people get better results from their business.