Traidcraft Choclate


Every bite of our great-tasting, fair trade chocolate offers the sweet taste of trade justice for small-scale cocoa and sugar farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Why Traidcraft’s Chocolate is Different

  • Traidcraft has been involved in fair trade chocolate since the 1980s - and now every mainstream chocolate company has at least one Fairtrade product.
  • We sold the first fair trade chocolate bar and we were behind the first Fairtrade chocolate chip.
  • The cocoa used to make most of the Fairtrade chocolate you can buy is sourced from well-established producers – but Traidcraft always supports and develops the work of small-scale producers.
  • We sought small-scale cocoa farmers in Peru, Bolivia, Ivory Coast and the Dominican Republic as we know that this is where our support can help to improve the lives of more individual families and communities.
Kone Ayuba

When I harvest it allows me to feed my children, buy medicine and have a house. I want to find a bigger farm so we can have a better life.

Kone Ayuba is a member of the Coobadi co-operative in Ivory Coast, which supplies us with cocoa used in the Traidcraft chocolate range.